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About Hainan

      Hainan is the sole tropical island in China, and is known around the world as "the world's most beautiful island". It is China's most popular coastal tourist destination. It is never winter here, the sunshine is abundant, air fresh and clean, the water is pure. As Enríquez Savignac, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization once said: "Hainan is a masterpiece of the Creator, a brilliant pearl for all mankind"

      Hainan Island covers 35,100 square kilometers of land and governing an ocean territory of over 2.1 million square kilometers. The province has a population of 9.0 million, including 1.3 million people of ethnic minorities, such as the Li people and Miao people. Haikou, Sanya and Bo'ao are major tourist destinations.

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Haikou is the province's capital and contains interesting historic sites. Haikou, also called “Coconut City”, is the capital city of Hainan and political, economic, cultural, trade and transportation centre of Hainan Province. Haikou also has many famous places of historical interest and scenic beauty, such as Haikou Century Bridge, shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geopark, old town streets with charmingly restored historic buildings, Hai Rui's Tomb etc.


Bo'ao is a town located next to the eastern coastal city of Qionghai in Hainan Province. Bo'ao is famous for the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), an international organisation whose venue is permanently located on Bo'ao. BFA has won great support from Asian countries and drawn extensive attention of the whole world. Now, it has become a high-end platform for dialogs among leaders of national governments, industrial and business circles, and academic circles of countries in Asia and other continents about the important issues in Asia and even the whole world.


Sanya is China’s most southern based city and offers year round leisure for both locals and tourists. Located at the southerntip of Hainan Province; Sanya has the most pleasant climate, the clearest air, the clearest waters and the sweetest fruit. It has been known as the “Hawaii of the East”.Sanya has 209km of coastline with 19 bays, some of the most famous being: Ya Long Bay, San Ya Bay, Da Dong Hai Bay, Moon Bay. Sanya's main sights are Nanshan Temple, Tianya Haijiao (The ends of the earth and the corners of the sea),Wuzhizhou Island,West Island etc.

Other famous tourist attractions

Hainan Island also has a number of other attractions. Some top scenic sites include wenbi Peak, Dongjiao Coconut Forest, FiveFingerMountain, the Wanquan River, Dongzhaigang Mangrove Nature Reserve and Wenchang space city, etc.

National nature reserves

Hainan has nine national nature reserves. Nature is firmly the first priority in these areas, with original forests and ocean well preserved. The reserves boast numerous species of trees and shrubs, including the upas tree, the most poisonous tree in the world, and more than one hundred national protected animals.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Haikou in October 2017!

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