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29-31 October, 2017 Sunday-Tuesday

Social Event: The Hainan island tour

Event Organizer: Hainan Kaiqi Culture Media Co., Ltd.

There is a charming Social Event during the 19th IST World Congress. The event is solely managed by the Hainan Kaiqi Culture Media Co.,Ltd., which is an independent company and is not affiliated withthe Local  Organization of the congress or owned by any member of the Organizing Committee. If you are interested to join, please contact the front-desk manager of  the company and fees shall be payed to the company directly.

Mr. Junping Wang, Front-Desk Manager,

Hainan Kaiqi Culture Media Co., Ltd.


Sight-Seeing Tour Schedule

Oct. 29th, 2017, Sunday, Part one: from HaikouCity to Boao Town

8:30                    Check out from Hainan New Yantai Hotel

9:00                    Bus Leaves the hotel and heads to Boao Town

9:30-11:00          Stop at the Museum of Hainan province (There is a big map of Hianan Province)

12:30-13:20         Lunch in Qionghai City (Enjoying four famous Hainan dishes)  

13:30-15:00         Stop at the Beiren village (Experiencing Hainan rural & pastoral culture)

15:30                   Arrive at the Boao Asia Forum Hotel and check in(5-star hotel,

                           popular stays for Boao Forum distinguished guests, with hot-spring pools and other facilities

18:00-19:30         Dinner at the Asia Hotel

Oct. 30th, Monday, Part two - - from BoaoTown to Sanya City

8:30                   Check out from the Boao Asia Forum Hotel

9:00                    Bus Leaves the hotel and heads to Sanya City

10:30-13:30        Stop at the Areca Valley (Visiting the Li People’s village and ( experiencing the unique Hainan minority culture)

13:30-14:10       Lunch (special cuisines of the Li’s)

15:30                  Arrive at the Crowne Plaza Resort of Sanya Bay and check in  (5-star hotel with a very beautiful

                          beach and many exciting recreation facilities)

18:00-19:30        Dinner at the Hotel

Oct. 31st , Tuesday,  Part three--from Sanya back to Haikou

8:30                    Check out from the hotel but leave your luggage there

9:00                    Bus Leaves the hotel

9:30-12:30          Stop at the Nanshan Buddhist Culture Court there is a 108-meter statue of the Guanyin Bodhisattva

12:30-13:30         Lunch ( Nanshan Vegetarian Cuisine)                    

14:00                   Back to the Crowne Plaza Resort to pick up your luggage

14:20                   Arrive at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport to depart

       18:20                   Arrive at the Haikou Meilan International Airport to depart

       19:00                   Arrive at the Hainan New Yantai Hotel


After the sight-seeing tour,you can fly back home either directly from the Phoenix International Airport of Sanya or after returning to Haikou and then fly from the Meilan International Airport of Haikou. If you do not want to fly back home on Oct.31st, 2007 and would like to stay at Haikou or Sanya for more days after the sight-seeing, we can help you to book hotels. In this case, please send an email to Mr. Junping Wang at with your name, hotel selected and days of extension, and receipt of payment issued by the payment service provider (see below)

Prices and Fees:

Tour Option A. $ 345 per person (two guests share one standard room), including 2 nights at 5-star hotels, 2 breakfasts, 5 meals (lunch or dinner), bus fair, attraction tickets, tour guide service, insurance and surcharges by payment platform.

Tour Option B. $ 465 per person (one guest per standard room), including 2 nights at 5-star hotels, 2 breakfasts, 5 meals (lunch or dinner), bus fair, attraction tickets, tour guide service, insurance and surcharges by payment platform.

Extended stays at Sanya: $120 per night at the Crowne Plaza Resort of Sanya Bay, including breakfast.
Extended stays at Haikou: $80 per night at the Haikou New Yantai Hotel, including  breakfast.


the above fee does not include any souvenirs that you buy during the sight-seeing journey or any other services that are not mentioned above.

Short Introduction of Interesting Sights on the Route

1.The Bei Reng Village

The village is in the Hainan island, the hometown of the Red Detachment of women, the most beautiful leisure village in Qionghai, showing the modern countryside, agriculture, farmers in Hainan. Main point: beautiful garden, thatched hut cafe, coffee house, courtyard time north still living room, brick tile houses, more water tank, a coconut tree hanlian chairs, wall painted bamboo, plum and old yellow wall harmony, as in the paper on the painting.

2. Boao Asia Forum Hotel

An exquisite scenery of the East Lantau Island, meandering river, the wonders of the world the mouth of Sanjiang rivers, the best in all the land narrow jade belt beach, Asian Forum...... hotel into them, constitute a magnificent picture of the hotel business for more than 10 years received more than and 40 heads of state.
On the picturesque island, we go together to experience the head of state of courtesy.
Western restaurant: Mediterranean cuisine.
Asian flavor restaurant: Asian cuisine, Japanese style barbecue, sushi, zero, etc..
Lobby bar:  live music, taste cocktails and tropical drinks and beer.
The Milky Way Club: luxury boxes, English songs, Cantonese songs, Chinese songs.
288 Cigar Bar: fine cigars and wine.
Hot springs, fish pedicure.....

3. Areca, Gu Li Miao tourist area

Baoting county is located in the central mountainous areas of Hainan Island, called the gathering, the local culture of Hainan local culture museum, the main attraction is the protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage Village, Le Village, rainforest Miao village, large real national musical "areca" rhyme.

4. the Crowne Plaza Resort Sanya Bay

Located in the Scenic Bay of Sanya, a lot of sea view, about 10 km away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport. Sea sunset splendor, coconut Rhine romantic brand in the world, the quality of the hotel, let us together in the remotest corners of the globe "through a" myriad amorous feelings, enjoy the luxury holiday.

5. Nanshan Buddhist culture court

Hainan Island is located in the southernmost tip of the island, is a display of China Buddhist tradition culture, garden culture, vegetarian culture large 5A level scenic spots, the main attraction: Nanshan Temple, 108 meters three sea Guanyin, Guanyin cultural court, Tianzhu, Tallinn, the ten party in the park, the Buddhist Cultural Center, vegetarian restaurant Buddhist supplies, shopping street.

For more introduction of Hainan:

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