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Abstract Submission(Deadline: August 15, 2017)

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Once you have your abstract ready, please go to the website www.ist2017.com and follow the instructions to submit it online. Only in rare cases, such as persistent failure with online submission, will we accept submissions by email. In such a case, please send your abstract to the following email address: ist2017haikou@163.com

When submitting your abstract, please select one or two of the following themes that your research paper best fits into:

1.      Toxin structure and mode of action

2.      Toxins as leads for drug development

3.      Toxin pharmacology and physiology

4.      Clinical toxinology – envenomations and management

5.      Venomics, toxin proteomics and genomics

6.      Bioactive substances from various organisms

7.      Venomous animal biology

8.      Toxin discovery, detection and synthesis

9.      Evolution of natural toxins

10.    Quality control and safety evaluation of synthesized toxins

11.    Bacterial toxins

12.    Fungal toxins

13.    Marine biotoxins

14.    Plant toxins

15.    Toxin and antimicrobial resistance

16.    Marine bioactive substances

17.    Antivenins and antidotes

18.    Global response to toxin-induced-diseases

19.    Public health outreach to prevention of toxic exposure

20.    Nanotechnology in venom research

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